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Our kitty products are priced very fairly ...
When you compare them with other modern cat furniture which easily ranges from $100 to $500 dollars per product, ours are a deal. Our products are BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME! They are not made of ugly, toxic, cheap carpet that's going to be thrown away once worn out. Cheaply built furniture wears out, then you have to replace it, those costs can easily exceed the retail pricing of our products. *Our pricing is reflective of our manufacturing costs and is subject to change.

Shipping within the continental United States.
Due to rising fuel costs and delivery charges, we are not able to offer free shipping at this time. Our products are discounted to help offset these costs. Live near Long Beach, California? Contact me and we can meet to avoid any shipping charges.

What is the inner black cloth tape for?
It covers up the sisal holding screws along the inside frame. We experimented with this a fair amount utilizing different materials, even feathers. The simplest, most stylish and functional solution is to utilize black cloth tape. We think it blends in with the modern style nicely and the kitties don't mind.

How do I clean the Flat Scratcher material?
Just like any carpet, a vacuum hose works best. If needed, spot scrubbing with a gentle cleaner is okay. Clean up any excessive moisture and let dry.

Can the blemish marks be removed?
Yes and No. Due to the complexity in the manufacturing processes of bending metal there may be some very light markings, some can be removed, some can not. If you're confident, you can use an ultra fine sand paper and wipe in the direction of the grain. Those sanding sponges work well, just make sure it's ultra fine grit, almost purely smooth. We recommend just using a soft dry rag with a mild window cleaner to wipe down, clean and polish. Message us for other suggestions.

Can thinner or lighter metal be used for product fabrication?
No. Warping or bending occurrs. The metal thickness and product weight of 11 lbs. makes The Scratcher extremely sturdy.

Why stainless steel and holding screws?
Aluminum plate at this size or thickness warps and cracks when bending. We also really wanted to stay away from using velcro, which is made from petroleum based plastic. Bamboo may be integrated in future versions.

What are the frames inner dimensions to trim material to?
Inner Dimension: 15.00" x 19.00" inches. Outter dimension: 16.00" x 20.00" inches.

Is the gap height along the inner frame normal?
Yes, it allows for installation of different types of materials. Think fluffy bedding or retro shag carpet. Future product revisions may seek to slightly modify this.

How do I wall mount this?
Message us first, we will ship the product without material installed so you can access the base plate. Or just loosen the frame screws up about 3/4 to lift out the inner material, you might need a tool like a screw driver to help pull the carpet up. You will see screw holes driled into the plate, 3 in each direction. We reccomend mounting vertically utilizing 3 screw holes drilled into a wall stud if possible. #8 wide screws fit best. The holes on the back plate can be enlarged if needed, take caution and use a sheet metal drill bit . Use wide low profile wafer head screw types to minimize unevening of the scratching surface. We can make some recommendations, contact us.

Will future products look to integrate the Stainless Steel Flat Scratcher?
Yes, we anticipate it and look forward to being able to mount it to the top of a big sturdy scratching post. Other shapes may also be created.

Is replacing the scratching material easy?
Yes, just loosen all the screws about 1/2 - 3/4 the way up, remove the used material, trimming with scissors is okay, or using some blunt tool. Be careful not to damage the the frame. Then shove the new material in. You might have to bend the material a little to make it fit, it's okay to get a little rough if needed, start in the corners (you an bend the material) then press in, the carpet will sort of pop in when firmly handled. It's amazingly easy. Then tighten screws down flush. If the material is too rigid, try cutting some minor vertical or horizontal corner slits in the corners (about 1" inch in length so the material is able to fold in).

Do I need the frame screws?
Yes, they hold the material(s) in place so NO GLUES or petroleum based plastic velcro is needed. If you want to just make it a bed instead of a scratcher, we recommend still using all the screws to hold the material in place, but it is not mandatory.

Can I use an electric screw driver on the frame screws?
Yes, we recommend using an electric drill that has speed and torque control. Care should be taken to not over tighten screws as they may strip. If this happens message us and we'll send you new low profile screws. We also recommend finishing with tightening by hand.

My cat(s) won't use it.
Cats can be finicky. I have three furr babies and they all sleep on it and scratch on it. If your cat(s) like catnip, you can sprinkle some on top of it to get them interested. Especially easy with kittens (I've fosterd many), you can rub their paws on the surface like they are scratching it. They learn and adapt quickly. A little repition goes a long way. Move it around and place it in areas they enjoy hanging around at. We are working on a frame that could be used to angle it.


Have any further questions or comments? Send us a direct message. We're here to help, thank mew.



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